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Enter Ben!

2008-01-25 08:53:42 by DoctorQ

Alright, I posted in the BBS about this, but here's something more.

I'm writing a story about a new superhero. I'm writing because I can't draw or animate. If I could, it would be a webcomic or Flash in no time. So, I think I'll throw it on a blog.

I'm gonna make a blog on blogspot right now.

*Three weeks later lol*

OK go!

And it begins!!!

2007-08-01 05:42:32 by DoctorQ

Alright, it's time I get serious here.
I have not the skill required to make Flash.
I once torrented Flash, but didn't have the time to learn, so it's gone. Now, school is here, so it could take some time.
Also, I can't draw much.
I'll try some better stuff soon.
I do have one song uploaded. It's really amatuer because I have bad equipment.